Fresh Salmon

Fresh Salmon – Raised in Poland.

Atlantic Salmon has risen in popularity both in Poland and across Europe over the past decade.

Superior taste and the many health benefits associated with salmon are the main reasons for the sharp increase in consumption of this fish.

Serious concerns, however, have been raised regarding salmon farmed in traditional sea cage systems. Fortunately, these concerns are all addressed in facilities such as Global Fish, where strict supervision and control is imposed over all the indoor, and bio-secure hatching and growth phases ensuring a delicious, nutritious and safe fish.

In addition to its superior palatability, salmon is also a great source of DHA omega 3, as well as potassium, magnesium, vitamins B6, B12, and protein.

Atlantic's fish farming facility is located in Bońki near Płońsk. The operation occupies an area of 4 hectares and the annual production exceeds 550 tons.

It is the one of the largest and most modern fish farming operations in Europe. Fish are raised in a closed-water circulation system using the latest aquaculture technologies from Israel. Atlantic salmon hatch and grow in a specially created microclimate that is very similar to their natural environment where they receive the highest quality natural feed. Sterile conditions are maintained throughout the entire area assuring the healthy raising of fish. In addition, no artificial supplements, hormones or antibiotics are used at any time.

The farm is fully automated and under permanent supervision. High quality and fresh products are our priority. Therefore, we offer fresh fish, which is defined as fish that have never been frozen. Location in the center of Poland guarantees quick deliveries to every part of the country, as well as many parts of Europe.